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You Can Do It

Travel CAN be fun AND relaxing when BabyGoes2...

Our belief that travelling with babies and toddlers CAN be enjoyable is the driving force behind (we're parents, we should know!).

We have tracked down an unrivalled selection of child-friendly travel options with and without childcare, so approach the guide with an open

All of our selections offer great places to holiday with the under-fives - whether it's a long weekend in Cornwall, or three weeks in the Caribbean. Our aim is to keep you informed of the excellent and varied travel options that exist, and which you probably haven't had time to find out about.

We'll tell you exactly why we recommend them if you're travelling with young children (from climate, to transport times, to proximity to beach). We also recognise that every situation, child and family are different, so, to make finding your ideal break even easier, we've incorporated an at-a-glance key highlighting some of the most important considerations for parents on the move.

BabyGoes2 will also feature location reports and plenty of top quality editorial together with the essential shopping guide on what to buy when you've finally decided on your destination.

And before you get down to the serious business of deciding where to go, here are 10 REASONS why you should DO IT

1. Babies under-two pay very little or go free, so you can still afford to go to the same places you could before you became a parent. Even if your child is over 2, many operators and hotels offer great reductions or free places.

2. You can travel off-peak and avoid the busy school holiday periods when prices are higher.

3. You can still choose where YOU go. Babies and young children are surprisingly resourceful: a new environment will provide endless sources of fascination - whether you're in Cornwall or the Caribbean.

4. The earlier you start the better. In particular, during the first year, they are extremely portable.

5. Babies needs are more or less universal the world over: regular feeding, sleep, nappies and hugs. So it's no more difficult coping on holiday than at home - and it's bound to be more stimulating for you both.

6. You will be more open to new destinations: the Caribbean for example can be surprisingly reasonable and offer a luxurious, relaxing holiday with flexible childcare

7 . When your baby naps, you'll be able to have a bit of "you" time, unencumbered by thoughts of hoovering the house or washing the dishes. You'll also enjoy more "quality time" with your baby without the distractions of home and work.

8. You may find it hard to believe but a lot of countries are far more child-friendly than good old Blighty. In Italy and Spain, to name just two, children are embraced with open arms. This makes eating out with them, for example, an experience to be enjoyed rather than endured.

9 . In your eternal quest to find distractions and stimulate your child, you'll observe things that you'd have never noticed in the days when the only way you'd ever see the sun rising over mount Titticaca was if you hadn't been to bed the night before.

10. You'll never get bored on a beach ever again ...

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