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The right stuff

Babygoes2's guide to stress-free packing

Take it or leave it? This is the recurring question as you work your way through a floorful of clothes, equipment, toys and food, in the days leading up to your holiday departure. On the positive side, a trip with young children means you don’t have time for endless indecision over your capsule wardrobe.

But the fact remains that in the old days - ie holidays BC (before children) – it wasn’t the end of the world if you forgot a particular lipstick, or dress, or t-shirt. Contrast that with the awful prospect of trying to explain to your 3-year-old why flat bear hasn’t made it to your destination ("He’s had to stay and look after your other toys," doesn’t seem to wash, strangely).

Having the right equipment – from sterilizers to distractions for the plane journey - can make all the difference to how smoothly things run, almost from the moment you shut the front door behind you.

Help is at hand with BabyGoes2’s essential packing checklists plus tips and advice, with the majority of the equipment we suggest – from travel cots to sea shoes - also available to buy via our site - click on links below.

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In line with current security procedures, there will be items which are banned from hand or hold luggage. Always consult the airline if in doubt. Click here for further information

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