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Individual property promotion on babygoes2

Why promote your property on babygoes2?

Babygoes2 is the UK's leading family travel website, featured regularly in the national press, TV and radio. Our independent recommendations are trusted by the thousands who visit babygoes2 and book at one of our featured resorts/properties each year. More than 50,000 unique visitors visit babygoes2 each month, all actively looking for good quality accommodation options in a variety of holiday destinations worldwide.

Inclusion on babygoes2 'guide pages' is an essential promotional tool for any property owner aiming to maximise bookings.

As seen on Channel 4's 'No Going Back' (Nov 2004) a positive recommendation on
babygoes2 is the key to generating bookings.

How much does it cost?
An annual subscription to the relevant guide page for individual properties ranges from £120 to £250 per annum. This includes a listing, photos, hyperlink plus free enquiry forwarding and promotion of offers and late deals.

How do I apply for a listing?
Inclusion on babygoes2 is at the discretion of the babygoes2 listings team.
Site inspections/location reports are also available (as per No Going Back). A positive assessment greatly increases the profile of the property on babygoes2.

To request a listing on babygoes2, just click here and describe your property, giving any website link available.

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