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BabyGoes2: key symbols
We recognise that every situation, child and family is different. With this in mind and to make finding your ideal break even easier, the unique key highlights the main considerations for parents with baby(ies) on board.
childcare/nanny creche
baby listening
Childcare/nanny; Creche;
Baby listening
All Babygoes2’s guide pages are divided into with and without childcare sections for easy reference. If you’re not sure where to go, then our worldwide with childcare page might be your first stop, and full information on the pros and cons of all destination can be found in why go to .
We feature a variety of travel possibilities with a childcare element, from hotels with creches, to villas with nannies. Each of these options is explored in detail on our worldwide with childcare page. Whether you have a babe in arms or an active toddler, you might like a few hours to just relax and be off-duty. It could be something as simple as a night's babysitting or a few hours with a nanny amusing your child right beside you. You might opt for a creche. All of our recommended locations have excellent, flexible childcare elements, which allow you plenty of time with your children, but also the chance to have some time to yourself. An element of childcare, fixed or flexible can transform a fun but exhausting holiday into one which is both fun AND relaxing.
things to do
Things to do
More people than ever before are travelling with babies and young children and hotels, resorts and tour operators are responding positively. In the UK and abroad many hotels of all standards are now providing an environment that appeals to both children and adults alike. Babygoes2 features self catering options which also offer something for both children and adults – stylish cottage conversions for example opening onto enclosed grassy play area. Other than this, rest assured that if you've chosen somewhere safe with a few things to amuse, it's entirely possible for a toddler to have a whale of a time and for you all to have a relaxing time. A couple of swings, a play area can make all the difference.

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private pool
Private pool
If your baby is not yet on the move, or your toddler really enjoys splashing about in water, then a private pool may feature high on your list of requirements for a relaxing break. If your baby is crawling or toddling however, it’s worth bearing in mind that a private pool needs supervision at all times and can be stressful, unless you’re holidaying in a group and you can take turns to be on watch. Obviously children need extremely careful monitoring at all time in and out of the property, too. Amongst our recommendations you’ll find properties which have pools some distance from the property, and properties which have enclosed or gated pools, which can reduce any anxiety. Again it of course depends on your own preferences and your child’s personality. For some it’s an essential requirement, for others a concern they’d rather not burden themselves with on holiday.

enclosed pool - private enclosed pool - shared shared pool
Enclosed pool; Shared pool
Many families opt for a shared pool some distance from their accommodation: this can be an ideal compromise for all concerned . This way you have the advantages of a pool without the stress of watching your child every second. Alternatively, some properties recommended by have the advantage of an enclosed pool.

under 10 min drive to beach walking distance to beach
Under 10 min drive to beach;
Walking distance to beach
Some toddlers and babies hate being squeezed in and out of their car seats. Having the beach within easy walking distance adds flexibility and spontaneity. On the other hand, if your child is fine in the car then it's easy to transport everything in the boot rather than on your back.

under 10 min drive to town walking distance to town
Under 10 min drive to town;
Walking distance to town
With a town close by you have access to a variety of facilities - shops, restaurants, chemists, doctors etc. If your child is already big on socialising, it's worth considering whether there are alternative attractions nearby and whether there will be other children in the vicinity. Cities with big central squares prove ideal, enclosed haunts for toddlers (you can enjoy watching them play from the comfort of one of the alfresco cafes), and it's amazing how quickly they hit it off with other children, despite the language barrier.

Knowing whether or not basic supplies are within walking distance, or a short car trip away, will enable you to plan your packing much more efficiently and avoid you transporting everything (including the kitchen sink!) from home.

under 10 min drive to restaurant walking distance to restaurant
Under 10 min drive to restaurant;
Walking distance to restaurant
Obviously, a restaurant close at hand is desirable even without children - but if your child will still sleep in the buggy or carseat, then it's useful not to have to get them in and out of these and disturb their sleep (and your meal!) You can have them all ready for bed, transfer to buggy or car seat and hey presto!

garden enclosed garden patio or terrace
Garden; Enclosed garden;
If you child is active and loves exploring, then you should ensure that your patio or terrace or garden is safely enclosed, or even consider a balcony, if safe for toddlers.

If your baby is not yet on the move, stairs in a property are not a problem. Even, if your little one is on the prowl, as long as you know of their existence, it might be possible to request stairgates or certainly to bring your own portable ones.

Wherever possible, the BabyGoes2 guide provides information on how hotels, cottages, resorts can be reached by public transport. But in some cases, a car really is necessary both for access and/or to make the most of the surrounding area. Remember that a lot of our recommended properties abroad include car hire in the price.

lots to do nearby
Lots to do nearby
Armed with this knowledge you can relax in the knowledge that if your children (or you!) fancy a change of scene, you can head for nearby attractions, whether it's a donkey sanctuary or an ancient ruin.

Many hotels, while child-friendly, also offer treats for parents, from aromatherapy, to yoga classes, to facials. Our key will show you, at a glance, where to get the full works.

golf water sports tennis spa/pampering
You’ll want to pick a destination that you can all enjoy, but it’s your holiday too and we’ve made sure that we detail features that help grown-ups to decide where to go. You’ll find a symbol for watersports, which covers everything from diving to windsurfing to sailing; a golf symbol: golf on site or very close by; a tennis symbol: you guessed it, tennis and a spa symbol: all important pampering treatments (anything from a beauty salon to the full ayurvedic works!) Enjoy.

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