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At Babygoes2 our aim is to offer a comprehensive guide to travelling with the under fives, both with and without childcare.

What you'll find in Babygoes2
What you can do with what you've found
As a parent time will no doubt be in short supply, and yet you’ll be needing a holiday more than most, whether it’s a weekend in Cornwall or a month in the Caribbean. We’ve done the research for you and come up with a worldwide list of great places to go with your child/ren, where you can enjoy a holiday which is both enjoyable and relaxing, for all of you. Whatever your personal holiday wishlist – a medieval villa in Tuscany, a safari, a beachside villa in Barbados, a converted farmhouse in Mallorca, a chateau in France, a whistle stop city tour, a quiet haven of wildlife in deepest Dorset, you’ll find how, when and where to do it in our guide.

You won’t find just list of child friendly operators or even a few recommended hotels. So what will you find?

  • Recommendations of specific villas that babygoes2 (and not the operator) feel would be suitable for a holiday with a baby or toddler. Even if you have a favourite company, it can be hard to find the time to sift through and decide which property would be child friendly, so we’ve done it for you.

  • Key symbols which give you an at-a-glance guide to the main features of a property or hotel. You'll know whether you need an enclosed garden or to be within walking distance of the beach, our key helps you locate the right place quickly and easily.

  • Recommendations of hotels or resort hotels world-wide which offer great facilities for both adults and children – with no compromise on the standard either of the adult or the child experience.

  • A long, long list of different holiday childcare options and child facilities that you almost certainly won’t have heard about, from villas complete with nannies, cooks, playrooms and sandpits through crèches, clubs and babysitting to private nannies. An element of childcare, fixed or flexible can transform a fun but exhausting holiday into one which is both fun AND relaxing, so we make sure that you hear about them all.

You’ll also find loads of advice about travelling with an under five, planning and packing checklists, a direct link to everything you’ll need to take, from swimsuits to travel cots. There's a comprehensive web guide, information on airlines and what they offer and some great articles about the joys of travelling with an under five along with location reports and destination reviews. As a member you’ll also have access to some excellent discounts, offers and competitions.

Booking a trip: what can BabyGoes2 offer you?

Travel is an interactive experience, and so is babygoes2. As we hear from you we’ll grow and develop, and will hopefully be able to offer you the information and services you’d like to have at your fingertips. At the moment, this is what you can ‘do’ with the information we offer you:

  • order a brochure on any property direct from us, without having to contact the tour operator/owner direct

  • request an availability check direct

  • benefit from excellent offers and discounts, simply by enquiring through BabyGoes2 pages

  • request a unique tailor made holiday suggestion to suit your requirements (£35)

In the future we hope to offer you online booking and our own child and adult friendly holidays designed to your specifications, if you’d like it.
Let us know what would enable you to have the travel experience you’d like with your child and we’ll do our best to provide it.

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