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Essential equipment - first aid

Remember – if you’ve got a product or item you think is the bees knees just contact us and let us know.

Many of us choose to use homeopathic or other complementary therapies on a daily basis, and would like to be able to use them for ourselves and our children when travelling. We recommend some excellent homeopathic and aromatherapy products in our plan it section which are essential packing for your trips.
We know from experience they can be hard to locate, especially if time is at a premium (where CAN I get that arnica cream?), so we’ve found them for you. They are all from – an excellent source of complementary health products for both adults and babies/children. Please check out our offers page for details of thinknatural discount.
Here are our selections from their vast collection:

homeopathic first aid kit
A good first aid kit is a must when travelling, no matter how long or short the journey. Here’s an excellent kit combining all the top homeopathic remedies, all neatly presented in handy first aid box for easy storage..

Good for :

  • Cuts or sore skin with Nelson's Hypercal spray
  • Burns with Nelson's burns ointment.
  • Insect bites Nelson's Pyrethrum
  • Healing bruises and bumps with Nelson's arnica ointment.
  • Regaining composure after a shock or stressful incident, with Weleda'a Accident
  • Get well soon with Potter's eldermint Life Drops, a traditional remedy for fighting infections.
  • Dealing with gyppy tummy with Potter's Spanish tummy mixture.

Price: £20.99 Cat ID: 115790

earth mother aromatherapy children's natural remedy kit
For parents who prefer a natural alternative to treat their children’s minor accidents, this is the perfect kit for use at home and away. Think natural say that ‘Each remedy within the kit has been formulated or included to give an alternative and natural option for minor accidents. We feel that the abundance of natural "healing" properties available in our world should not be overlooked and our remedy kit brings together a variety of such properties in combinations that are safe and that have been individually blended by hand.’

£30.00 cat ID: 50 02 80

natures answer kiddy tum for kids
Sore tummies are all too frequent when travelling – the result of all that excitement and unfamiliar food no doubt. Another essential item for your first aid travelling kit then, be prepared with Natures Answer Kiddy Tum For Kids. They are holistically balanced, alcohol-free drops.
earth mother aromatherapy
baby care kit

For mums who want to use the most natural products for their little darlings. This kit uses only the most gentle of organic essential oils and the purest creams and gels, and the blends contain no artificial preservatives, animal products, alcohol, lanolin or mineral oil.


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