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Essential shopping – gifts has unearthed a great selection of unique and special gifts for all ages and occasions, courtesy of some of our favourite retailers. We hope you like our suggestions. Happy shopping .

Clothes and newborn gifts




Books from Redhouse – Books are the perfect gift, and with an online booking store as comprehensive as redhouse for both childrens and adults titles, there’s absolutely no reason to tramp the streets in search of the best titles. Just click here and go straight through to browse the selection. Our favorites are below, to give you inspiration
Kipper's Rainy Day
Kipper loves the rain! Young children will love to go on the lift-the-flap adventure with Kipper and find all the animals who love the rain too and some that don't!

Red House price £3.99 Pub price £4.99

Bringing Down the Moon
New! Mole thinks the moon is so beautiful that he sets out to capture it, but it's not as near as he thinks and bringing it down is not as easy as he thought it would be… An endearing tale that is wonderful to read aloud.

Red House price £6.99 Pub price £10.99

Books from Amazon

Well, books, toys, cds, videos, dvds, you name it, Amazon seems to stock it these days. It really IS the easiest way to do your shopping. The excellent search functions mean you can type in a favourite author or musician and just see aht they have – often hard-to-get titles and recordings.Their delivery and overall service is really very good and reliable.

Just click here to go straight through

Books and letters from

Special offer! Buy any 3 books and get another completely free

Personalised books make really original gifts: books with your little one’s name and details inserted into a variety of different stories. These are really special gifts to treasure, and children are amazed when they see and hear themselves and their friends and family as part of the story.

To claim your free book simply: 1) click on the item you wish to order, and tell Custom Books in the comments box which book you want once you have selected 'click here to order'.

2)Highlight and copy the information fields required for your chosen book into the comments field as well and then complete with details of the child.

3)Finally, select add to basket and follow the prompts that take you to the cashier".


Baby's Book

Perfect for new parents, this combines the traditional baby book with a professional looking, personalised account of the new arrival. Blank pages with personalised headings let parents complete the story as the child grows older.

Available in English, Spanish, French, Portuguese, German, Dutch, Italian and Swedish .


The Lion Cub and Me

This book is broadly based on the hit children’s film "The Lion King" and is a massive hit amongst children of all ages. Become part of this magical adventure and share that moment when this little cub became King of the Lions.

Available in English and Spanish.


My Little Mermaid Adventure

Children of all ages will enjoy this spectacular, yet tender story of a little mermaid and a handsome prince as together, they find love and happiness.      

Available in English, Spanish, French, Portuguese, Dutch and Swedish.


The Space Adventure

Can your child fly the space shuttle and save the world from an alien attack?  

Available in English, Spanish, French, Portuguese, Dutch and Swedish.


Dinosaur Adventure

All children love Dinosaurs. And in this story, the dinosaurs love them back. With the aid of a brontosaurus named Nessie, your child becomes the defender of the entire dinosaur world.

Available in English, Spanish, French, Portuguese, and Dutch.


Soccer Hero

The star of this action-packed tale takes on his or her favourite soccer player in the grueling All Star Soccer Contest……and wins!

Available in English and Dutch.


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