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Essential equipment - pampering

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One the main aims of Babygoes2 is to ensure that parents get to have a relaxing (and not exhausting) holiday when travelling with their little ones. Lots of the places and childcare options we recommend will ensure that you have a few moments during the course of the day to concentrate on you. A bit of pampering can really help you to relax, especially if the products are aromatherpeutic.

Make sure you find room in your suitcase for a your own pampering kit – some relaxing or uplifting bath oil (lavender or geranium work wonders), a couple of perfumed candles or some oil and a diffuser will create an oasis of calm (try ylang ylang if you need extra relaxing after a stressful journey to help sleep along). If you’re travelling with a willing masseur, then some massage oil is essential packing. If not, then go for an aromatherapy body cream – so much more luxurious than after-sun.

Create your own spa while your baby or toddler(s) are otherwise occupied. Light a candle in your room or villa, luxuriate in the bath, wrap up in a fluffy towel and put your feet up on the patio or balcony (if you’re somewhere hot) or by the fire (if you’re somewhere cold), and just chill out. Perfect. offer an amazing range of products to help you do just this – from excellent specialist manufacturers, and delivered usually within a day, so you can still get it even if you’re going last minute. We’ve given a couple of examples below, but there is a vast range for different products and kits to suit every mood. Treat yourself – you’re on holiday, after all!

bathphase relaxing aromatherapy
bath oils

With a generous concentration of lavender and chamomile to melt away tension and soothe the senses, blended with moisturising oils to leave your skin soft, supple and deliciously fragranced. All relaxing products are mauve and green in colour, and contain pure essential oils. Lavender has calming and soothing properties while Roman chamomile is a wonderful conditioner for dry skin. They combine to balance the mind, melt away tension and relax the body, leaving the skin beautifully fragranced.

Catalogue Number : 11-50-23 £8.50

earth mother aromatherapy
new mother kit

New mums need to take care of themselves as well as their beautiful babies, hard though it can be to find the time or the energy. But, as the manufacturers of this excellent kit say, physically and emotionally this is a time of re-adjustment and it is important for yourself, your partner and the new baby that your own body and mind can be replenished and balance restored and maintained.

Not sure whether you’ll manage to achieve all that, but you’ll certainly feel a lot better for a nice soak in the relaxing bath included here! When better to take care of yourself than when you’re on your holiday. So go on,make sure your kit contains something for you to relax with!


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