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Travel toys 0- 2 years
water pat mat

Simple mat to fill with water, making a fascinating toy with floating fish and balls with bells in.


maze rattle
This is brilliant for amusing babies on journeys – on the plane especially. Double sided wooden maze with bright coloured moving ladybirds. Hours of fun (or peace, depending on how you look at it). Suitable from 6 mths.

£8.99 (cat id: 5537)

giraffe rattle
Brightly coloured, very soft velour – easy for little hands. Rattles in feet. Suitable from birth

£7.99 (cat id: 5710)

lamb and kitten footfalls
Very soft and very cute: animals with beans in their feet, so they land upright every time they’re thrown around. Suitable from birth.

£8.99 (cat id: 5704/5)

baby beads
A selection of coloured beads threaded on elastic providing a handful of fun, with lots of colours and great movement possibilities (weight 57g). 6 months-3 years.

£6.99 1017304

Babies will have great fun exploring the Woogle. It bends in various shapes
as your child moves the encasing rods up and down (weight 57g). 15cm long. Age 6 months-2 years.

£7.99 1017305

frog clip
Just clip this funky frog close to your baby where he will "jingle jangle"
away. He is sure to become the ideal travelling companion (weight 51g, 18cm-long)

£5.99 1043665

wave paddling pool
An inflatable paddling pool packs up small and can be put to range of uses when you’re away. Babies (who must be supervised at all times) will often amuse themselves for ages, simply sitting splashing in them or pouring things out of cups; they’re also a hit with toddlers and older children.


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