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Essential shopping - books and toys

Travel toys for 2+

Toys for the journey

personal stereo (46655)
Transparent personal stereo with comfortable large headphones. Batteries not included. Age 3+


travel scribbler (43742)
Smaller version of Early Learning Centre's award-winning Superscribbler. Perfect for travelling. 3+


pocket scribbler (46784)
Mini-version of Scribbler (above). 3+


wooden watch
A sure-fire winner to keep little ones entertained on a journey: wooden watch with moveable hands and stretchy strap.

£3.99 (cat id: 5624)

oh no! not another travel songs tape
Just what you need to while away the hours between home and your holiday haven. In-car entertainment for particularly tedious journeys. Lots of old favourites with a humorous twist to make them palatable for grown-ups and fun for kids.

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